i want to go where the action is i want to fly through the urban blight i want to live like a shadow in the dark and only move at night a story bought a one story house that lets the winter bleed 21 years old and no money how did she know the roof would cave in over and over again beat up bruised a record thats broken adina´s crying again beat up chevy whit a triler in tow is what they call home now one more hill or river to cross on on the way to another town crying in her beer and always runnign away maybe not so much running but hopin for better days how did she know the roof would cave in over and over again beat up bruised a record thats broken adina´s crying again.

im money broke and its no joke cant core use the rope this time nuckel up buckel up the ride´s getting rough but i will not loose my mind i asked em if i could come in and the first thing they said was no if i cant come in thats mean that i cant come back that means i got nowhere to go im a hyena fighting for lion share sometimes the lions share aint there absent from political authority an animal ive become total disorder and confusion is the life style that i run permit me to do what i want and i will im a nomad to travel conrete class stone and gravel -chour- every time i turn around it´s the same sad story getting ganked i wish it could end in lifes comisary im a bad missionary with a wicked message i sent who can i trust in a world of greed when im taught to take and not to give.

i didnt know what time it was until the sun went down detroit mild on the bus downtown last i was fighting on the street but tonight i have a girl next to me in this cold world she brings me heat i got a good feeling in a bad city tonight i gotta goood feeling everything´s gonna be alright some run some fight detained in illegal custody spent the night in jail with a drunken priest and a hooker $500 bail nobody knew who was who standing in the street like that i hit the ground to make a sound -chours- bus droped me off and i had to cough i couldnt breath ´cause i got ripped off i couldnt realise by being satisfied ´cause it runs so thin and thats why im pissed off we had no money we had time she had the champagne i had the cisco wine she said do you want to come you better hurry because we´ll have hell to pay.

knock knock come in you wanna fight im gonna win ill take you out in a minute step in my flat see whats in it i live in the land of wellfare state my flat used to be section 8 now its a rat infested cocaine run my whole worls plays like a broken drum drunken bum rats in the hallway again get up get out go ahead and ride away sit up our bed up your bed to lay kick up our rip up this place apart even when im finished im back at the start im out of line at adeline st heat dont keep the crooked beat 4am no waves breaking whats left of the pm the am has taken drunken bum drunken bum rats in the hallway again outside my gate my crew is drinking a 40 oz the asked my if theres still rats in the hallway i said somethings aint like the weather they never change for the better this girl came up to me she said she would do me no harm rolled up her sleeve and shoved me the tracks on her arm i said whats your name she said mya she said tim wanna take you higher junkie drunken bum rats in the hallway again zombie walking kid out on his own with no morals mr.high leaves the body in comes mr withdrawn pain is the only thing the body will alow the kid wants to dance the gangsters knows how johnny bought some shit down on market street shoot up boot up the human target he hit the dirty spike when he hit the scene its easy to stay dirty when nothing is clean johnny´s a writer who tags up jackel jackel just clamped on unclampable shackels rout up shoot up some dope to go like leagal currancy its money its like that rat tat tat kid got shot point blank in the back my land lord said not to be bumming he was on cocaine stoop and he had it coming he had it coming? he was only 12 years old he was in the blizzard he got shot for being cold it dont seem right tonight hit the lights alright watch the roaches run into the darkest room drunken bum rats in the hallway again.

in the dark with the okland skyline as i cross the city i avoid the landlines all i wanna do is make it through without dying all i wanna do is keep on trying another night in the streets for me another night no sanctuary another night come and watch me bleed another night in the streets for me she wouldnt move until the coast was clear she always knew the final battle was near if you have a bag of dope she give it up for free if you got a song of hope it will help her see.

break down the fear i got my animosity im gonna breake it down armageddon is coming so you better start running cause the big wave is coming to the shore no suprise that you see throu the lies of the system thats rotten to the core high tech survailance paranoia and violence keeping the city at a calm break it down tear it apart the city´s going off like a bomb helicopters coming down on me tonight my brother selling cocaine he knows how to fight hounded and arrassed in a power elite bought sun aint arise so i abite by my route i remember a cold december when i heard the revolution rock didnt hear what they were saying i ran thru the mayhem of a police state on my block high teck ....

youre working like a monkey whos been training by a sick junkie on a mission to get money for a new suit and tieto wear to a reception where they envy your deception and one compliments praises to the ones they despite practicing your smile in the mirror all the while try to cultinate the style of the basterds in power i know what they´re selling cuz their nervous twitch is telling you´re coming off smelling like the pig of the hour i got alot of people telling me that im outta my mind and i dont know why my brain was bleeding and my fingers were proceding through a nootbook i was keepingsince the dawning of time senses were coroded you know that i was loaded you were dealing i was reeling from the feeling and the madness was consealing like a siren song people that i trusted would surley have me busted if they ever had a clue what was really going on i got alot of people telling me im out of my mind and i dont know why.

every city got an artery where the blood breaks down an avenue or a boulevard and a boy who wears a crown indigant live styles mplies simply lack of means dogmatical authoritarians dictate the cities remains a promise to go to heaven wont put salvation in sight Whirlwind is coming down on me when the factory shut down so did the place he lived blood money for junk bonds by a white collar fugitive all the tax free insentives ain´t going to help him now generations of job security gone out like the horse and plow a promise to go to heaven wont put salvation in sight Whirlwind is coming down on me my old man worked his troubled life in a nowhere dead end he drank the pain away i´ll be damned if thats me having my dreams robed the working class carries a country that has been rotting inside for years the rigs cuffed my old man in the front yard i saw through my eyes of tears a promise to go to heaven wont put salvation in sight Whirlwind is coming down on me.

i could not fit in i was the one who got caught i was the one who got realized i was the one who got dropped shut out banished and locked away the knife that did me in i was carry to this day rejected crossing the bridges in the land of the forgotten rejected distrust existed that i never saw deep seated trust i was a victim of rejected... unspoken among the more peiveliged or the so called i was not good enough not good enough at all at first out of lonliness i tried to conform but all that bullshit left me alone.

excuse me while i put i knife out of my back how could i trust a person like that alongside the slow is someone moving faster behind the warm image is a cold cold bastard corporate liberal bullshit ruling class take your money and shove it up your ass take your lies i´ve had enough of you and put me through im injured injury i look for the truth its hard to find money grabbing dragon and the tie you hide behind im so fucking stupid with you i was a byer i believed in you you deceiving liar set me fucking free.

climb in side me.. pain another night of drinkin´ another night of beeing out of my head and i dont know where i was last night drinkin´ on a empty stomach or an empty mind it makes no difference when im way out of line things i cant remember comes back to haunt me alot of people out there who seem to want me climb in the bottle and never come out i may know nothing but im good at something i will drink till the sun comes up no more one of these days gonna come out of my haze better hurry up its getting harder to come back.

1987 at a 7-11 police out looking for problems but im no average hoodlum still running from the pigs so it seems to me this is not the land of love and liberty its more like a waiting room in hell drink a qwart and watch me dwell i got it right out in the trenches tonight glass towers rise above the filth and the pain im a moral degenerate feel my pain pass out in a squat on mission that night i was shocked into submission straight down straight down to hell i head systems of sewers is where i lay my head people on their way are like on a different dimension i need no correction i got it right out in the trenches tonight some of my friends moved on a simple domestic life they´re all gone only a few of us remain only few of us want to keep in the same i got it right out in the trenches tonight.

so i packed everything i owned midnight christmas eve a kid could feel alone i drink my scotch my mind goes astray midnight christmas eve starts out in a way i cried when i had no shoes ´til i met the man with no feet it´s just a holiday sunrise i suddently realized i got no alibis holiday sunrise relatives of mine said they were born again fucked up world has made me born against im a sinner and ny soul should be cleansed i´ll take my chances when im dead.

kick the kick drum increase the weight of the sound the dialog of maximum decibles is enough to move the fucking ground im gonna amplify the rage of a class thats thought inferior the message in the volume this song a carrier unwritten rules rules understood unwritten rules boomin out the speakers and amps in the hood i like to drink beer play music and go to shows its not about paying your dues if you do it out of love im not a jaded junkie running dry i don´t know anything else i´ll be playing till i die.

Bloody thursday was july 6th the pigs killed 3 workers harry bridges grabbed the mic The city shut down july 6th the workers outrage it was a general strike The media clamed that the commies were taking over and some believed it was true 3 un compremising strikes was paved the way Minn Sf and Toledo But on the sitiuation But on the street sometimes You're gonna hit the cold concrete.
Go ahead start causing trouble Get outta my way get outta my way... Don't want your lies and I don't want your... I don't see any fun In getting fucked up around this place I played as much as you Get outta my way get outta my way Rich kid rich kid get outta my hair Get outta my way get outta my way I'll sing what I'll sing and I'll wear what I'll wear Get outta my way get outta my way I try to love mankind and I try to do what's right But I can't do anything... Get outta my way get outta my way Go ahead start causing trouble Get outta my way get outta my way... Who do you think you are Do you think you're some kinda cop Why did you come along you're a fuckin' cop! Kid get outta my way kid get outta my way Kid get outta my way kid get outta my way (repeat) Get out of my way!

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