Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes

Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight
We are the Ones wiht the radiating eyes. We are the Ones who have fire inside.We are the Ones only We can recognize.We've been rejected - suffered the ignorance, suffered the selfishness, been pushed so far down now comes Our time to surface. Turn from the light that has made them all go blind. We've been protected. aLL RISE TO WHAT WE BRING, OUTSTRECTHED HANDS UNFOLDED WINGS. we've hurt ourselves and I feel the sting if broken hearts and burning wings...

Three Reasons
Where were you? Say you were gone? Well, ask me and I,ll swear that you were there all along. Another place? Another state? At any rate, I can't relate. There's no two ways, you're a disgrace. Drown down your fear, suffocate everyspark of clarity. Your weakness: sickens me, saddens me, strengthensme. There's no way to free responsibility. Who's to blame? Who's in the wrong? The truth from witch you hide - it was you all along. You were there, you didn't care, your heart and mind were self impaired. Now, all that's left is our despair.

A Single Second
Oh My God! My god this can't be happening! God tell me this isn't real!
i can't believe all that i ahve forseen is finally happening. i cannot for a single second stand the way i feel. i always new. i always saw it coming. Enveloped now, ecased by my worst fear. i've never felt the nausea of longing to feel nothing, i've never wanted to cease to exist, just disapear. Fear memories are all that lie ahead. Never have i felt so lost. Memories dull my senses. Fear tragedy is all that lies ahead. Never have i felt so dead. Once felt so warm, now i,m fucking freezing. i am the once embraced abondoned one. i raised my eyes up to the light in hopes of finding healing; no relief was mine, i was burnt by the sun. i feel so lost.

pH Low
So quickly draining away. If you could only hear all the things you used to say. Consumed now by what you new was poisonnous, quenching your thirst for life. Will you die for me? Will you live for me? Kill aspirations away. Embrace a dream that was a nightmare only yesterday. True friends forgotton and all hope's been traded in, exchanging them all for what? For what? All at once, all is lost. All is lost.

Let It Be Broke...
i live in truth,complacently. Where's the threat you see in me? Am i the cause of your self consciousness? You scream at me 'cause i can't ignore the destructiveness that you support, 'cause my life's contrary to yours. No soft words from my mouth. A glazed look in your eyes. i live the world of reality, you comfort yourself with lies. i will release myself, i will detach myself from you. i will detach myself from your kind. i've seen your life but i can's see how it is that you can be so contentin your ignorance. It's been so dark for so long, now a new light has come along, illuminating all, and so shuut your eyes. i won't tell you what you want to hear, i will show you what's real. i will, will defy.

Third Season
It's gonna take you by suprise as it rises. Can you feel the pulse? Can you feel the heat rising from below? Can you feel the energy gaining strentgh, oh so slowoly? But i'll wait.... i'll wait.... till seasons change. i'll wait.... i'll wait.... till the fall comes. And i'll give you nothing but a mirthless laugh. Can you see the signs? Can you sense the changing of the winds? Can you sense the stillness in the air? Calm will remain.... oh, so shortly. But i'll wait.... i'll wait.... till the fall comes.

Lower Your Head And Take It In The Body

Coin Return
do you ever get that funny feeling, that itch right below the skin? that itch down by your wrists that only a razerblade could scratch? i have slipped and I have fallen so far that I canít get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things i said iíve never do iíve done. those iíve said iíd never be iíve become. i have broken - iím still breaking - cracked and wrecked, bryond repair. i can see that noone cares, Forgotten. Recalled. Smacks me in the face every time i fall. i cannot disregard, with each new fall i hit twice as hard. Would you be there for me? I would. i would be there for you.I would. Would you look up to see?I would. Falling forward and looking up.

The Patron Saints And Angels
iíve seen the light that emanates from you and it makes me feel proud. A voice of reason above the muffling crowds. Such will to live and youíve got so much to give. Long lost sincerity. Stare down the day, from witch others shield their eyes, with complete clarity and no trace of apathy. So positive and your heart you freely give. Long lost vivacity. Lost in an world thatís been scorched to black. Lost in myself until i finally find a guide in you, and gratitude ismine. i admire the way you shine.

Three Seconds Notice
Submission - my back hurts from bowing down. Attraction - was once strong now can't be found. Affection - one gift I wish you would return. Frustration - as I accede. I do not deserve your frigidness, such callousness, yet I persist. What's wrong with me? I told you "you can't be replaced" you showed me I'm disposable. Spit in my face as I submit, so I quit!

Salt For Your Wounds

Today's Lesson

The Devil Loves You

Triple Zero
It Burns! It Burns! It burns my eyes and throat, but I need no antidote. Gnawing and tearing at my insides - seething, keeping me alive - hatred poisons me through and through - a sustenece - keeping me true. It's not too late. It's not ever gonna be too late. Embrace your hate. The Pain! The Pain! The pain it crushes me! I gain, animosity. Acid sweat and bloody tears, through it all I perservere. Some sedate with indifference but I withold zero tolerance.

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