Very Proud of Ya

He Who Laughs Last...
NO TRUST can be given freely, its' a valuable commodity, but obviously this is something you've never learned. Faith is something that you put in friends, and had I excess morals to lend, I'd let you borrow them, but my trust you haven't earned. We've got a problem? First of all there is no "we", I'm detached from you completely. I've got a problem. You tell lies to my friends and think it won't get back to me. NO BOND can ever seem to make a stable fit in our relationship, but one thing that never comes between us is honesty. When you have something to say, you always seem to find a way to avoid the truth or instead, avoid me. STRAIGHT UP is how you'll see me stand, but it is never in your plans to be straight forward, so instead, you use deceit. Now I would like to take apart what you've been breaking from the start. I'll remain intact, I won't be broken in defeat. NO TRUST!

File 13
I sleep until there is no light. I'm wide awake all through the night. Diner may suck but I'll take a bite, I do whatever I can. My muscles stiffen through the day. Discomfort never goes away. I feel like a garbage can. Throw me away, I've got no use. Throw me away, I'm nothing to lose. Throw me away, I feel like shit. I am useless. I know I know nothing at all. I'd take stand, but I know I'd fall. I'd run head-down into a wall and watch my blood run faster. Girls laugh and pass me on the street. I spook out everyone I meet. I've got pink toenails on my feet, I'm such a fucking master. I never seem to feel well. I always seem to look like hell. It seems like everyone can tell my mind is going numb. My mom thinks I wear women's clothes. I get dogged on at all the shows. It seems that everybody know I look like a fucking bum.

Wake-Up Call
If I had my way I'd wish them all away, but I can't find the magic inside of me. I'll give my best, 'cause I can give no more, but your problems aren't solved so easily. I'm not someone that you should run to. I've been, often, as broken as you, more often than you'd like me to. If I could heal all the pain that you feel, I'd gladly cure all that ails you inside. Unfortunately, I have no degree and I can not anesthetize. I wish that I could help you. I can't even help myself. It seems you need a saving grace and a savior's something I'm not.

Cult Status
I'll turn you on and switch you right off. I'll make sure you like what you see. Forget all that you cone believed. Now you will believe in me. Do you believe you make the choice, decide what you hold most dear? In all opinions that you voice, it's my voice that they all hear. I'll take you ideas and your values, I'll make you turn them all around. I'll break your individuality, I'll take you down. I'll seal shut your open eyes. I'll give you a taste on the bland. Intoxicate you, take me in. You'll never feel the touch of my hand. I'll turn you on and switch you right off. I'll soothe your troubled mind. You'll never have to think again, it's just a matter of lost time.

Perfect Fit
What was it I was thinking, or was I even thinking at all? When I think of what I thought back then, then I'm ashamed; and I'm appalled that I gave up all I was so easily. Living your life is not for me. I won't be sedated, I won't be sedated! Give me a little taste and I know I won't want more. I won't be sedated, stability is overrated. Give me the disorder I adore. I can't be a part, be a part, I can't be a part. I can't be a part, be a part of your modern world. I've gotta be apart, be apart, I've gotta be apart. I've gotta be apart. I can't grasp the values that you hold. What was it you were thinking, or were you even thinking at all? When I think of what you thought of me, I take offense; and I'm appalled that you could discount all I love so easily. Living our life is not for me.

Advances In Modern Technology
Every night I walk the streets, awake while everyone else sleeps. I'm giving unease to anyone I meet. My generosity can never runout, because I give a gift from what's within myself. No hope at all. Take nothing from nothing and you'll have nothing left. I can't recall. I can't recall a moment in my life when life was at it's best. Everyone avoids my stare and no one cares to ever dare to look into my eyes of what they most fear. And they're taught to fear, to fear no evil. And they know no fear, they've learned to love themselves. Forever unlucky, 'cause I'll own tomorrow. Forever unwanted, outcast today. I'm not mislead, I've got no one to follow. Everywhere to go, no place to stay.

Theory Of Revolution
Don't want to think about it, but I see it every day. Corrupted innocence just doesn't seem to fade away. Spoiled so young, you know it's bound to last, but when you're living in the city, you've gotta grow up fast. And it makes me sick, God, it makes me sick. Don't want to think about it, but I see it every day. If you want to buy affluence, your soul you'll have to pay. Wasting away the prime of your life, but it's been done that way for years, so you know it must be all right. Don't wanna think about it, but I see it every day. With every sip and every shot, mind and bodies fade away. Friends are all gone, and memories don't last, but when you've fallen off the wagon, you seem to fall so damn fast.

This Secret Ninja
Just like cellophane, you try to cling so tight to me, but your attempt's in vain. You've less sincerity than the plastic. Paper in rain. The print appears so bright to me. The words remain. I hold it to the light, I see right through. So eager to say, "hello", but you don't know me. You just know what you see. Pay the price to see the show but you don't own me. Before you knew would you have felt the same? Just when I'm inspired, you drain the drive right outta me, and even when I'm tired you push me to perform for you amusement. Just like raging fire, you burn what's left inside of me and to fulfill your desire, I'd give you light till I burned out. Just when you start to smile, I look into your eyes and see your veiled denial to express any real emotion. Just wait around a while, you'll lose what you once had for me. I'll be out of style, I'll be discarded with the warmth you once feigned.

Soap-Box Derby
I'm not angry, I'm just amused at your quest for attention through your self abuse. The only response that you get for your pleasis sorely less than sympathy. What reason is there to be alive? When the word is against you how can you survive? All your friends are apathetic at best, and your entire life is a total mess. GIVE IT A FUCKING REST. You can't feel me, feel, I'm scarred so deep. No one needs me. Could you please leave me alone? I'm sorry to hear that your world's sinking fast and you've lost your stable ground and I'm sorry to add to your disappointment, but I won't be brought down. I'm not angry, I'm just amused at all the dramatics you love to use, but one thing I have noticed that is strange to me is that you're not content until you're brought down, and you're always so alone because you can't be found. You're soul is black and you're filled with hate. How much more can you possible take? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK

Aspirin Free
There's no hope of helping us, we've only just begun. We're youth eternal, nothing more to become. A thousand lights are burning from both ends. We're proud of reputations we all own. Together forever. Rejected but never alone. Together forever. I'd purify the world with one primal scream, but no one would listen. Keep dark secrets to myself, because no one else will talk to me. It's hard for me to comprehend, they couldn't understand all the thoughts going through our heads. With a smile they tore us up, now look what we've become. Finally we are numb. No need to. No need to feel. I've got a nothingness and that's all that's real. No need to cut the numbness inside. No need to. No need to hear. What you've got to say means nothing at all. I've got no distance left to fall.

I'm here today, just like every yesterday. Heavy heat, and sheets stick to my skin. Can't get away from nothingness. I try to get up, but I have to give in to the force that is keeping me down. I overcome gravity, I look outside. A cat cries out, trapped upon a window sill, but is crying's drowned out by my screaming inside. What will it take? I wonder what it's like exposed outside, would I be safe? When will it break. Try to look out, I see reflection I just want to break. Sirens moan. They're forever crying...someone's probably dying. The sound sticks inside my head. Talk to myself, I'm company, but who is to say if nothing if said? Two windows stare back at me. Three stories high nothing is new. I may sit, but someday I'll stand. I'll muster up the will and fire myself through.

Charles Atlas
You've seen it all a thousand times, you've heard it all before. You've danced the steps, you wrote the rhymes. So passé, too many times, but you're hollow at the core. Two generations past you by. You think there's nothing left. But look around and you will see what our world has grown to be. We are the now, not the past. Can't you even try to see the strength with which we've built ourselves to be. I know that you will never be able to destroy what it's meant to me. You've never seen the likes of us. We are your novelty. A brand new trend with mass appeal, don't like the truth, don't like what's real. You're jumping into something you'll never understand. You think that it's a passing phase. It's our entire life. You revel in rebellious ways, rebellion that the media made. When you change your channel, we'll smash your T.V.

Crop Tub
You say you want to be friends, start over, try again? Well, things will never be the way they were back then. Things were never how you wanted, I couldn't think of you that way. Now, if you take one step closer I will take two steps away. Maybe you need affection, I'd like to help you but I can't stand when you're around: fuck you very much. Maybe you need to talk, but you betrayed my trust. Friends was not good enough? Fuck You Very Much. You can always claim you're straightedge, go ahead and dye your hair. You won't get more attention from me, 'cause I will never fucking care. I try to remain secret, shooting away and hiding out, but you always track me down. Open your eyes and figure it out. I'm not trying again. I'm sick of seeing you. Don't wanna be your friend. I wish you'd go away.

Consult My Lover
You've got something to say, or so you say to me, then you receive a blank stare. You've got something to say of importance and gosh, that's really good to hear. I'm proud of you, so proud of you, I'm proud of you, I'm very proud of you. You've got something S.P. - some to show to me. Well, I have seen it before. I can't compete, I can't impress you. I guess I'll show you the door.

Take The Test
When it comes the time that you have recognized your line and you realize the path that you will travel through your life, be sure that what you want is exactly what you're trying to get, or you'll be speeding toward a cliff without realizing that... Before you know, the haze makes you slow ignore your future, forget your past - before you know, cars start to crash. There are so many choices, the opportunities abound. Just to be sure to keep things straight and be sure to stand your ground. Let nothing shade your vision, even fight to keep it clear. Let no one change what's right for you, for when you start to veer cars start to crash.

Two Of A Kind
Hanging out and lingering around, 'cause you know where I'll be found and I don't know how you do it. This obsession I must admit has shaken me up a bit. My solidarity now only comes pairs. I'd like to see you before you see me. I'd like to see you. I'd like to see you leave. Showered be torrential praise, why it is I can't explain. Attempts to leave yield no avail. For me I don't know what's in store. All I want is nothing more. I don't deserve what I get, I've nothing to return.

Shatty Fatmas
Don't care to hear what you heard. I won't believe a single word. Don't care to hear what you say. I won't believe it anyway. You relay fiction, facts you avoid. You're just like a fucking tabloid, you can never seem to get your information straight. Tell me something I don't know. Your information's fucking faux. Don't you have somewhere to go? Your mouth is quick, your mind is slow. Don't want to know what you know. I just want you to fucking go. Don't want to know what you believe. I just wish that you would leave. You try to cajz everyday, I wish that you would get away. You can never seem to get your information straight. When you try to hang around, I'd really like to push you down. When you try to understand, I don't really think that you can.

Yürf Redenmein
You keep on sayin' that you want to know me but you never show me your true self. How can you ever expect someone else to know you when all you're going to do is just pretend that you're someone else? You keep on sayin' that you want to show me that you're really different, but your just the same. If you're really mindless then there is no way that I can win, maybe you're just one of them, or maybe it's just a game. You lie to yourself and remain alone. I'm not exactly sure of your motivation. I'm not exactly sure what you're tryin' to do. All I'm really sure is that you're not too impressive and you're wearin' a mask that I can't see through. Maybe you're not looking for acceptance, maybe you're striving for something more. If it's status that you lust then why try to be one of us? You're someone we'll never trust 'cause we know the score.

Cruise Control
I will never want to date you while I can learn to hate you. If you somehow learn to love me, well, that's just my luck. I would never care if you only wanted my friendship, but somehow you're disappointed that I'm not a slut. I don't want to fuck you, so fuck you. I my mind there is no doubt that you've been in and out of many different backseats, many times before. I can always see your defeat when I won't leave the front seat. And it seems your disappointed that I'm not a whore.

Modern Epic
Yeah I can see it coming. I've seen it all before. I've seen it once or twice and now I hear it call to board. This train is moving fast but how long is it gonna last. I guess that we'll find out as well go in through the out door. Don't ever let go. Is this the start? Is this the end? New faces ask, "what's happening?" I bite my tongue and hold my breath and tell them, "the same old thing." I don't know what's going, on but I don't wanna do it wrong. Don't wanna contradict myself with all the words I sing.

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