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Vigalante '76

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Manta Police Palomino


Press control shift and type in:

GETDOWN:all cars attack you. When you die the mission is complete. Only in TRIP.
WIGGLEBURGER wiggles the screen a lot
THIRDNOSTRIL Unlimited Target Range
HIENYHOBBIT You get a nuke
WIN You win the level
GUNS Get some guns
REPAIR Repair you car
HOTAIR - Hot-Air Balloon

In a Mellee or Auto Melle pick the Phaedra Rattler. If you change the varient to RETPOCILEH you will pilot the helicopter. If you change the variant to KNAT you will be a tank.

On the last level of the game you have a choice between a tank, a car, and a mail truck but what you don't see is the helicopter in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on it twice and BAM! You're in a chopper....

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